Minggu, 30 September 2012

Soshi's truck in shibuya


30 일 방송 "COUNT DOWN TV"게스트 라이브

OH! chibi picture

Jessica "banila co."promo

sooyoung@ THe3rd hospital behind the scene


new message from tiffany for thanksgiving day

Happy 추석!!


한복은  어울리고..인사는 드리고 싶고.. 그래서!PAPARAZZI BEAR  함께!
 Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s hanbok became ..
Personnel like .. hopefully So!

Hyoyeon new photo from invicible youth


Jumat, 28 September 2012

seohyun new signed polaroid photo

New message from Yoona

여러부우운 추석이 다가왔어요~
모두들 가족과 함께 맛있는 음식도 많이 먹고  쉬면서
즐거운 연휴를 보내셨으면 좋겠네여~^^
날씨가 쌀쌀해졌으니 감기도 조심하시구요!
송편 먹은만큼 우리 응원해 주세여
융이의 추석 선물로 사진   투척크히히

Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) is just around the corner~
Have a happy Korean Thanksgiving Day with your family~^^
The weather is getting chilly, so please be careful not to catch a cold!
Also, don’t forget to cheer for Girls' Generation ♥
Here is a gift for Chuseok! lol

lotte departement store new promotional photo


Yuri thanksgiving message

 소원~ 추석입니다.가족친지 분들과 좋은 시간 보내시구
송편 이쁘게 만들어서 맛있게 냠냠~둥근   … 둥근  얼굴도 함께 떠올려주시죠ㅎㅎ우리 봐요 ~~^^

Hi, I wish to
Thanksgiving is soon.

Family, friends and relatives with a good time bonaesigu
Songpyeon pretty, creating a deliciously rummy
Give me the recall rate ... round face with the moon to see
Us, see you soon again ~ ~ ^ ^

Jessica new promotional photo for hyundai

Yuri new promotional phtoto for Mamonde

Yoona @ TopStarNewsMagazine


윤아 "이니스프리"CF 【동영상】

soshi's starcall

97 SEOHYUN2012.09.277,925
96 TAEYEON2012.09.2711,083
95 TAEYEON2012.09.1052,217
94 TAEYEON2012.09.0236,539
93 TAEYEON2012.08.1242,636
92 YOONA2012.08.11568,704
91 TIFFANY2012.08.0623,091
90 TAEYEON2012.08.05150,852
89 SOOYOUNG2012.08.0523,731
88 TIFFANY2012.08.0124,342
87 SUNNY2012.07.2916,557
86 YOONA2012.07.26321,043
85 HYOYEON2012.07.2120,181
84 TAEYEON2012.07.1482,354
83 TIFFANY2012.07.1316,204
82 TIFFANY2012.07.1317,874
81 TAEYEON2012.07.0989,530
80 TAEYEON2012.07.0194,916
79 SEOHYUN2012.06.2942,396
78 JESSICA2012.06.1519,274

77 TAEYEON2012.06.0875,366
76 HYOYEON2012.06.03100,215
75 SOOYOUNG2012.06.0222,429
74 HYOYEON2012.06.0130,159
73 YOONA2012.05.31110,658
72 TTS2012.05.2614,105
71 TTS2012.05.2411,264
70 SEOHYUN2012.05.2123,364
69 SEOHYUN2012.05.2034,212
68 TIFFANY2012.05.1416,580
67 TAEYEON2012.05.1351,252
66 TTS2012.05.1111,986
65 TAEYEON2012.05.1181,002
64 TTS2012.05.1132,922
63 TTS2012.05.1132,647
62 SUNNY2012.05.1144,563
61 SEOHYUN2012.05.1160,383
60 TIFFANY2012.05.0121,984
59 JESSICA2012.04.2720,539
58 JESSICA2012.04.18132,559
57 YURI2012.04.0957,285
56 JESSICA2012.03.2852,810
55 YOONA2012.03.2796,282
54 YURI2012.03.2081,806
53 TIFFANY2012.03.1458,010
52 TAEYEON2012.03.10396,051
51 SOOYOUNG2012.02.1053,711
50 JESSICA2012.02.0483,674
49 JESSICA2012.01.2882,932
48 TAEYEON2012.01.02129,483
47 JESSICA2012.01.02109,263
46 SUNNY2012.01.0254,055
45 TIFFANY2012.01.02115,317
44 HYOYEON2012.01.02135,060
43 YURI2012.01.0273,969
42 SOOYOUNG2012.01.0219,076
41 YOONA2012.01.02175,175
40 SEOHYUN2012.01.0296,344


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